Hari's Wood

I have enjoyed wood since I was a child, which is why my studies for my future profession also went in this direction. The later interest in BDSM naturally resulted in the production of wooden toys for adults - from smaller toys such as custom spankers, which I like to combine with colored epoxy; to furniture even for the most demanding. I like challenges and I like making things tailored to a specific person (or pet 😉). That's why you can look forward to something new at PAW that you haven't seen at my place yet, and it's tailored to anthropomorphic animals. However, I'm not limited to BDSM tools, I'm happy to make anything you can think of. Handmade with love and care according to the customer's wishes.

I like the combination of traditional handwork with modern technologies and materials, so I am not afraid to use 3D printing or the already mentioned epoxy. I try to combine European and Japanese styles of woodworking with a sense of detail and functionality.

My motto? "One slap is enough to fall in love."

ATTENTION! Hari is also a sponsor of our PAW shop, so we'll be able to purchase some of his products with in-game currency as well! But the number is very limited, so there is no time to waste time competing.
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