D3's Foxie

Main org Picnic

The friendly female fox is an organizer of various pet play events, where she strives to create a pleasant and safe environment, especially for young and novice pet players, as well as their devoted fans. One of her most renowned events is the traditional PetPiknik, which she has been organizing for several years now. That's why she will once again take the lead in organizing the Picnic as part of PAW this year.


Org of beasties ltd.

The enthusiastic Shiba is one who enjoys showing off, but he is also a responsible individual who is always willing to lend a helping hand, not only to his dogs but wherever he is needed. He is the driving force behind the creation of Jsem-Pes, Czech Puppy, and other events, yet he still seeks out more opportunities to make a difference.


Org of board games

I'm an original-shaped dwarf with a friendly nature that's as sturdy as a hammer stroke. With an undying love for colored cardboard and virtual fun, I'll be your guide through the Friday night of board games.


Org of beasties ltd.

An energetic fox found in nearly every corner of the world. As the moderator of the Czech Puppy Contest and the European Puppy and Handler Contest, as well as a co-producer of Zvířátek s.r.o., I'm a chaotic creature always ready to lend a helping paw wherever it's needed. And soon, you'll find me in your club too! 🦊.



A Dalmatian puppy who loves to lend a helping paw. I've been roaming the puppy and BDSM community for quite some time. Don't worry, I don't bite 😉 Well, usually....



A chatty Shiba Inu who strives to be everywhere, though doesn't always manage it. he used to travel extensively around Europe, attending various fetish events. Nowadays, he's more of a couch potato, busy programming things for the community like Jsem Pes or this website, all from the comfort of my couch.