Puppy Don Works

I started playing with latex about three years ago, when I fully decided to dedicate myself to fetishism, and because I am a demanding customer and put up with quality, I decided to glue my first suit myself. I actually wear the result to this day, and that started my journey to new experiences with making latex clothes for my friends and acquaintances. The realization that we are all original - we all want to have something interesting - somehow emerged from this. I love challenges, I like to play with cuts, novelties, innovations, and I like to create originals that are characteristic for the wearer. I can order an all black suit in China, but a suit with yellow stitching and a custom logo on the chest will not make you Chinese. I rely on a personal approach to each project and above-standard "customer" care, as well as high quality execution. I want every project to be perfect, just the way I feel.

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