Board games

An introductory meeting to become closer over a pile of boards, whether they're sloppy, themed, or even the less traditional ones.


Outdoor seating with good food and drinks complemented by various competitions and activities in the fresh air.

Beasties ltd.

An evening filled with competitions, discussions, lectures for novices and experienced participants, shops, as well as balloons, beds, and other entertainment and food.

Tea soirée

A relaxing end to a busy weekend and an ideal space to share impressions with each other.

Board games

Where: U Hubatků
When: Friday from 6 PM
Organiser: Rejpal
Including: Program including competitions and games
Age restriction: 15+
Dresscode: Civil - can be collars, ears, tails.

Traditionally, a non-traditional meeting and getting to know other participants will take place on Friday evening. The plan is to check you in, resolve organizational matters, and then use games and competitions to promote mutual acquaintance while earning game currency (to later exchange for interesting rewards). Friday's program will unfold in a more civil environment - we will provide further details later.


Event only
250 CZK Price includes "chaos fee"
for last change registration.

Ideal if you only want to attend this event itself.

Full weekend ticket
1250 CZK Price includes "chaos fee"
for last change registration.

It includes a complete program for the entire weekend, including Saturday's banquets. Ideal if you plan to enjoy the weekend to the fullest!