Board games

An introductory meeting to become closer over a pile of boards, whether they're sloppy, themed, or even the less traditional ones.


Outdoor seating with good food and drinks complemented by various competitions and activities in the fresh air.

Beasties ltd.

An evening filled with competitions, discussions, lectures for novices and experienced participants, shops, as well as balloons, beds, and other entertainment and food.

Tea soirée

A relaxing end to a busy weekend and an ideal space to share impressions with each other.


Where: KC Prádelna
When: Saturday 11 AM - 3 PM
Organiser: Lištička
Including: Banquet throughout the picnic, non-alcoholic drinks (including iced coffee), program and competitions
Age restriction: 15+
Dresscode: Civilian - masks, collars, ears, tails and other animal gear is welcomed.

The picnic is designed as an outdoor event, featuring provided refreshments and a program of competitions. During the afternoon, you can relax in the sun, play with other attendees on the grass, fortify yourself, or compete to earn as much weekend currency as possible. We are prepared for any inclement weather — there will be shelter and cooling options available. Once you've settled in, perhaps purchased additional tickets, and addressed any organizational matters, the rest of the day will unfold into a genuine summer picnic with opportunities for enjoyment through various competitions. In-game currency can be earned through these activities, which can later be exchanged for intriguing rewards.


Event only
650 CZK Price includes "chaos fee"
for last change registration.

Ideal if you only want to attend this event itself.

Full weekend ticket
1250 CZK Price includes "chaos fee"
for last change registration.

It includes a complete program for the entire weekend, including Saturday's banquets. Ideal if you plan to enjoy the weekend to the fullest!